Friday, June 02, 2006

Support the Chairman

My regrets to Batgirl for basically stealing this whole post. But I'm furthering the cause, so she'll be happy.

Let me break down a little scenario for you. Let's say there's a young catcher who's having an amazing first half. He leads all batters with a .361 BA and he has one of the best put-out percentages amongst all catchers. A player who was drafted quite highly, many expected him to become a phenom, and it looks as if it's starting now. But he's not even among the top-five vote getters for the All-Star game! Why would that be?

Well, since it obviously has nothingt to do with the way he plays the game (since he's playing better than any other catcher in both leagues), could it possibly have something to do with the fact that he plays for a small-market team that's not doing that well this year? Could he be having the exact opposite problem of a certain Yankees catcher that isn't having that great of a season, but is getting a shitload of votes for some reason?

Either way, take some time and trudge on over to the All-Star ballot and vote for the Chairman!

Take a great leap the All-Star game!

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