Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hey, remember how the anti-war movement was right about everything?

Not to toot our own collective horn, but...beep beep. Remember how weapons of mass destruction were going to kill us at any moment? And protestors said there were no weapons? Then the White House finally admitted there were never any weapons? Then remember how they were so confident that Saddam and Bin Laden were best friends? And again, the anti-war movement pointed out that this idea was rediculous? And then the President admitted there was never a connection? Then remember how they said Iraq would fall in a matter of days, and we'd be greeted as liberators? And then remember how the anti-war movement said Iraqis would resist and it would become another Vetnam? And then remember how over 1,500 troops died? And then remember how the president insisted that precision bombing would minimize civilian casualties? And the anti-war movement said tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis would get killed? And then remember how over ten thousand Iraqi civilians were killed? And remember how the war is still going?

Because I do.

This is just somehting to think about when he wants to start the next war. We're going to flood the streets and tell everyone that he's lying--and this time, could you do us the favor of believing us? Because we've been right about everything thus far, and he's been wrong about everything. It's a simple call, people.

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