Monday, January 30, 2006

The humorous power of juxtaposition

Abridged from Sirota blog:

To see just exactly what Republicans are doing to us, in the least crazy-ass conspiracy theorist way you can, you need only look at what they're saying and what reality is. It helps to put them side by side for easy comparison.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"President Bush, campaigning for a continuation of his tax cuts as a spur for the nation's economy, came today to a fast-growing place with the lowest unemployment in Virginia....'Things are going fine,' Bush said today. 'The fundamental question facing us is what do we do to keep it going. Well, first thing is, Congress needs to make the tax relief permanent."

From the New York Times:

"Millions of low-income people would have to pay more for health care under a bill worked out by Congress, and some of them would forgo care or drop out of Medicaid because of the higher co-payments and premiums, the Congressional Budget Office says in a new report. The Senate has already approved the measure, the first major effort to rein in federal benefit programs in eight years, and the House is expected to vote Wednesday, clearing the bill for President Bush."

In Summary:

Make the rich people pay less money, make the poor people pay more money.

Miracle Mice and Powerful Popes

Three distinct miracles have occured in the past week, all having their own implication for the future of our humble planet's fragile geo-political system.

First, the late Pope John Paul II has finally garnered one of the two miracles it will take him to become a saint. Of course, Pope Benedict already cheated on the rules a bit by suspending the usual 5-year "cooling off" period necessary before sinthood, enacted under Pope Brady XIV, to prevent Catholics, drunken off of love for their late friends and communal wine, to Canonise people who didn't really deserve it. Trust me, there's always an ackward point when you wake up one morning, roll over in bed, and realize you just beatified a total porker.

But speaking of cooling off, a Syracuse researcher has finally determined once and for all that "cool" is the best slang word ever. Though it may or may not be attributable to the late Pope, he did at least compile a list of slang words that aren't as hip as cool.

Finally, there are mice engaging in various water sports. Yes, they've been trained in bath tubs, and while the animal-rights crazies are complaining as usual, their trainer insists it's not cruel and that the mice are enjoying every minute of it. I think we may have our second miracle!

Jet Ski Mouse

Surfing Mouse

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Problematics of Criminological Labels

In my continuing quest to educate one and all, I'm presenting the first of a (hopefully short) series of educational posts. A little learning never hurt anyone, except for the people in this professor's class.Anyway, a while back, professor and humorous blogger Chris Uggen posted an interesting story about a 25 year old Floridian school teacher who was arrested for having sex with a 14 year old student and commented on how it is very difficult to have one category ("sex offendor") to apply to people who committed such various crimes.

Unfortunately, it's quite a common case in the way our nation deals with those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. For example, recently an off-duty police office in New York was shot by fellow officers while he was trying to apprehend someone. He did have his gun drawn before being shot, but had not fired at anyone whe he was hit twice in the leg and once in the abdomen, causing him to lose massive amounts of blood and is currently in critical condition. The article goes on to mention how this is the first "friendly fire" shooting in New York since 1994, when yet another off-duty officer was shot when he was assumed to be a criminal.

The problem is that the article fails in any way to problematize this label. While expressing shock and outrage that an off-duty officer was shot, probably to death, by several other officers, when it's mentioned that he was thought to be a criminal, it somehow seems to absolve them from any wrong doing. Because, as we all know, if he was a criminal, he deserved to be shot anyway.

Finding it difficult to say this more eloquently, I'll just note that "criminal" applies to everyone from those who speed to serial killers (although not to presidents). It helps to remmeber that one person's criminal is another person's off-duty police officer when one is debating our treatment of those we label as criminal.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Who's spying on your computer?

In yet another development, if you're reading this webpage on any major browser, someone in the government is undoubtedly aware of it. In fact, Google is the only major corporate web engine refusing to turn over their records to the feds.

If you're using AOL, Microsoft, or basically any giant web browser, everything you type in is subject to search. And if you EVER look up anything questionable (from pronography to drugs to politics), I can garauntee some underpaid intern somewhere in the NSA is checking you out, not at all sexually.

If you're offended by it, wite some letters to your paid representatives.

In the meantime, download Mozilla Fire Fox and enjoy your last few moments fo spy-free downloading before the Supreme Court decides it's not a problem.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back in it to win it...

Sorry about the long vacation from blogging...even young political punks need time for themselves as well. So let's begin sticking it to the man (and any applicable woman), shall we?

1) Chris Matthews compares Michael Moore to Bin Laden (oh, that liberal media!):

"This is from bin Laden in the audio today. “There is no defect in the solution other than preventing the flow of hundreds of billions to the influential people and war merchants in America.” I mean, he sounds like an over-the-top Michael Moore here, if not a Michael Moore. Do you think that sells in America, that this war is being fought for the Daddy Warbucks?"

Over 70,000 people have already complained, thanks to the open letter to Chris Matthews. Check it out and let Matthews and MSNBC know how you feel: or (202) 824-6707

2) Letterman sticks it to O'Reilly:

You've probably already heard about it, but in case you missed Dave Letterman handing Bill O'Reilly his ass, check out the video.

3) More clear election fraud in Ohio
Jim Willis, one of several authors of a new book entited "Weird Ohio" claims that the Buckeye state has the the highest number of headless motorcycle ghosts per capita. I demand a recount!

Oh, and if you're reading this and know who Gutter Timlin is, give him a hearty handshake or a slap on the ass, because the boy turns 26 today!

Monday, January 02, 2006

It's winter time...a good time for impeachments

Over this holiday break I've had sporadic (at best) access to a decent computer, hence the light blogging and lack of creativity for this post.

So instead of witticisms, suffice it to say we all know he (and others) lied about very important issues that resulted in the deaths of thousands of people.

It's time for impeachment.