Monday, January 30, 2006

Miracle Mice and Powerful Popes

Three distinct miracles have occured in the past week, all having their own implication for the future of our humble planet's fragile geo-political system.

First, the late Pope John Paul II has finally garnered one of the two miracles it will take him to become a saint. Of course, Pope Benedict already cheated on the rules a bit by suspending the usual 5-year "cooling off" period necessary before sinthood, enacted under Pope Brady XIV, to prevent Catholics, drunken off of love for their late friends and communal wine, to Canonise people who didn't really deserve it. Trust me, there's always an ackward point when you wake up one morning, roll over in bed, and realize you just beatified a total porker.

But speaking of cooling off, a Syracuse researcher has finally determined once and for all that "cool" is the best slang word ever. Though it may or may not be attributable to the late Pope, he did at least compile a list of slang words that aren't as hip as cool.

Finally, there are mice engaging in various water sports. Yes, they've been trained in bath tubs, and while the animal-rights crazies are complaining as usual, their trainer insists it's not cruel and that the mice are enjoying every minute of it. I think we may have our second miracle!

Jet Ski Mouse

Surfing Mouse

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