Monday, January 30, 2006

The humorous power of juxtaposition

Abridged from Sirota blog:

To see just exactly what Republicans are doing to us, in the least crazy-ass conspiracy theorist way you can, you need only look at what they're saying and what reality is. It helps to put them side by side for easy comparison.

From the Chicago Tribune:

"President Bush, campaigning for a continuation of his tax cuts as a spur for the nation's economy, came today to a fast-growing place with the lowest unemployment in Virginia....'Things are going fine,' Bush said today. 'The fundamental question facing us is what do we do to keep it going. Well, first thing is, Congress needs to make the tax relief permanent."

From the New York Times:

"Millions of low-income people would have to pay more for health care under a bill worked out by Congress, and some of them would forgo care or drop out of Medicaid because of the higher co-payments and premiums, the Congressional Budget Office says in a new report. The Senate has already approved the measure, the first major effort to rein in federal benefit programs in eight years, and the House is expected to vote Wednesday, clearing the bill for President Bush."

In Summary:

Make the rich people pay less money, make the poor people pay more money.

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