Saturday, June 10, 2006

Don't you hate pants?

I had a lengthy discussion once with a friend of mine about how amazing Google is. Not only has it indexed all the information in the world, but in a only a few short years, it has transformed itself from a noun into a verb. To look something up online is now to "google" it, and it doesn't seem as if that's going to change very soon. So pretty much everyone has googled themselves at one point in time, and it's a natural part of one's sexual growth.

I've googled myself on numerous occassions, and have found that not only am I me (I'm the first Jesse Wozniak that comes up in the search--take that posers), but I'm also an ATV racer and parts salesman whose house burned down once, and a celebrity photographer. In a weird nexus of the universe type instance, I found a photo were Jesse Wozniak the photographer seems to have photographed Jesse Wozniak the ATV racer, and now Jesse Wozniak the blogger is writing about it, making it even crazier.

But I had never googled myself for images. But I finally did last night due to the coolest website I've ever found. has made cyber stalking your ex girlfriends so rediculously easy it should be illegal. It automatically scans friendster, facebook, google, google image, myspace, and the blogosphere for names that match the name you've enetered. Now you no longer even need go through the work of hiding in the bushes outside Chef Boyardee's house. You can simply sit in the comfort of your own house and stalk away.

So I learned many great things using this service, but the part that makes this relevant is that it lead me to finally see what comes up when you google me for images. This is the fist picture you'll see:

Yep, the first thing you'll see is me with no pants on. That outta make Ma proud. God bless the internet.


jwoz said...

Well, that is strange, because I -- Jesse Wozniak, ATV racer and photographer, have also googled myself, and it appears that I am also some sort of Play/Actor guy, and it looks like I do some pretty original and funny stuff.

Woz said...

Wow--I've finally made contact with the Jesse Wozniak. Not only have a read a great deal about you (sometimes I ahve too much free time on my hands), but once during college, a kid e-mailed me thinking I was you. He had seen my name in the school paper and was ridiculously excited. He told me all about the specs of his ATV (which I understood none of) and asked if I wanted to come out riding sometime. I thought about seeing fi I could pull off being you (my name is Jesse Wozniak, after all) but in the end, I figured the truth would be better, so I sent him the disappointing note that I actually know nothing at all about mechanics or racing. But it was an interesting intersection of our two very different worlds.