Thursday, June 15, 2006

Put some pants on, it's the Feds

What do you want more than anything in the morning? Coffee? Orange Juice? A nice bagel?

I'm sure there are many things you want. But even more than things you want, there are many,many things you don't want. Amongst them is a visit from the Federal Bereau of Investigation's Joint Anti-Terror Task Force. But let's start at the start.

Had a late night last night out with some friends. So I roll out of bed at 11 and I'm watching Trinidad and Tobago play a hell of a game against those damn Limeys when there's a knock at the door. Not thinking about anything, I answer the door in my boxers, with my contacts out and incriminating tattoos in full view. And what is there to greet me other than a badge in my face and lovely visage of Detective Swanson of the U of M police and FBI-JATTF.

And while I'm pretty stupid, I know more than enough not to comment on what was said, but I can report that they were more concerned about who I might know that about me per se, at least from what they asked. (Confidentially to the FBI member reading this blog--this is correct, right? Those questions weren't just some kind of smokescreen to keep tabs on me, were they? Come on, you can tell me.).

So I'm doing fine and fancy free for now, but you might want to think twice before you give me a call anytime soon.

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