Monday, June 19, 2006

The funny thing is that I've seen pictures of her, and ironically, I want Rick Springfield's girl

As per Dr.'s orders, I finally broke down and purchased a new set of running shoes. To celebrate, I took the new fellas out for a nice little spin today.

The Vital Statistics:

Weather: 75 degrees
Playlist: Black Flag--Damaged
Brother Ali--Shadows on the Sun
Justin Timberlake--Justified
dead prez--(RBG)Revolutionary But Gangsta
Mileage: Just shy of double digits
People with in-line cross-country skis: Ridiculous
Puppies: Cute
Shoes: Very Shiny
Mood: Quietly ecstatic

Quite a good day, indeed.

1 comment:

woz said...

Justin Timberlake? Oh....

Strange that someone else refers to himself as 'wozimodo.'