Friday, June 09, 2006

The stress is killing me


Finally went to the Dr.'s office today. See, a few weeks ago, I found a big lump on my leg. It was fun--you could poke it, it was squishy, funny colored, and a huge bump. Well, the bump eventually went down, but it still really hurts, so I went to the Sports Medicine doc (I'm so athletic even my Doctrs are sporty). Well, after many x-rays and too much time, I learned that it was all inconclusive. So I have to go in wednesday for a bone scan. I have no idea what a bone scan is, but I know they have to inject me with something for it. Creepy. But it's better than assuming I have the stress fracture, because then it's back to crutches for me. I hate crutches, because strangers always feel like they have a right to know why you're on crutches, and it sucks when your story is that you run with old shoes.

So what have a I learned from my visit to the hospital? In order:

1) Hospitals are confusing. They're much more confusing when you're hung over and you slept with your contacts in so you can't see.

2) IF your running shoes are too old, you get a lecture from Dr. All-America about how you really need new shoes. It goes on for quite some time.

3) If an Anishnabe woman says she'll take you to White Castle, she's lieing.

4) When your Doctor says to stay off you leg, don't go play Softball all hung over and running around on it. That hurts.

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