Monday, April 10, 2006

Si, se puede!

(sorry, I've not yet figured out how to make the upside-down exclamation mark. Turns out my computer skills, much like my Spanish skills, are pretty much non-existant)

It what turned out to be one of the largets marches in the history fo Minnesota, over 30,000 people turned out yesterday for the March for Immigrant Rights. With massive protest all over the nation, most notable the 1,000,000 people marching in Califronia, the sleeping giant that is the Hispanic-American movement has awakened once again.

All of this has been enacted in reponse to the racist House bill H.R.4437, a bill that would instantly make all undocumented Americans felons, as well as anyone who has ever helped them in anyway. It also begins another push at that rediculous new Great Wall project that wingnuts have been begging for since we first stole half of Mexico.

So (with a tip of the hate to Josh Scimshaw), to make a long story even longer but in summarizing it, give it the illusion of brevity, the movement is strong, but it needs your help. Please contact your representatives today and tell them to oppose the new segregation.

As Ceaser Chavez would ask: "Can we do it? Si, se puede!"

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