Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Have anarchists finally become useful?

I don't really hate anarchists. I mean, some of my best friends are anarchists. I just think anarchism is not necissarily the way to go. As a good friend/old professor dude once asked "How are they going to deal with drunk drivers? Organize a talking circle?"

Maybe that's being a bit unfair. But I do usually like to point out that poorly photocopied 'zines about why you shouldn't wear deoderant are unlikely to foster the revolution, which may or may not come as a shock to you, depending on the amount of 'zine reading you do. (In a note of disclosure, I read no 'zines. They scare me, and I'm much more comfortable with your traditional book and/or magazine format.)

But I may be coming around, for I have finally found the answer. It is the Tacitical Ice Cream Unit! The TICU is a high-tech anarchist mobile that goes around distributing (free) ice cream and agit-prop. From their website:

Although the TICU appears to be a mild-mannered vending vehicle, it harbors a host of high-tech surveillance devices including a 12-camera video surveillance system, acoustic amplifiers, GPS, satellite internet, a media transmission studio capable of disseminating live audio/video, and of course, ice cream. With every free ice cream handed out, the sweet-toothed citizenry also receives printed information developed by local progressive groups. Thus, the TICU serves as a mobile nexus for community activities while providing frosty treats and food-for-thought.

While I wonder where anarchists got the money for such a project (GPS? 12 camera surveillance system? Iced cream?), I have to admit it's a pretty damn good idea. The critic in me wants to dewll on the fact that they seem to only be using it at events where everyone already probably agrees with them, rathing than roaming the streets and taking it to the people, but I gotta admit this is one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a long damn time.

I would say kudos to anarchists, but they wouldn't want the kudos, and I'd probably have to sit through a half-hour lecture on why kudos are a fascist, imperialist, capitalist, sexist, homophobic, racist, and anti-choice conception, so instead I'll just say...yay!...for ice cream!

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