Friday, April 14, 2006

¡National Strike!

MONDAY, MAY 1st--National Strike for Immigrant Rights! The Great American Boycott!

Imagine a day without immigrants!

Building off of the success of the national marches for immigrant rights, the 1st of May (international labor day) has been chosen as the day for all peoples everywhere who are concerned with the rights of immigrants to take part in a general strike, not going to work and not purchasing anything.

Demand amnesty for all undocumented works!
Demand a no vote on the racist H.R. 4437!

This is not a flash in the pan, but the beginning of a major movement, the likes of which this nation has not seen since the civil rights era. Please do everything you can to help out what will go down as one of the most important events of this decade.

And it's not just us, the movement is going international.

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