Thursday, April 13, 2006

God bless you, William Sloan Coffin, R.I.P.

William Sloan Coffin died yesterday.

Coffin was a very progresive minister, organizer of the first Peace Corps training, co-organizer of the Freedom rides with MLK, a character in Doonesbury, and spent his last days opposing the Iraq war and "trying to find some justice for my homoexual friends," as he put it. I remember him most from a special episode of Now! with Bill Moyers, mostly because that episode featured footage of me and soem friends getting arrested at the STARC aromory in Johnston, IA, a move that subsequently got several of my friends called before a federal grand jury. But the interview with Coffin was the most revealing.

He said:

"It's one thing to say witht he prophet Amos 'Let justice roll down like mighty waters,' and quite another to work out the irrigation system"

The world is a worse place today because Coffin is not in it.

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