Friday, April 21, 2006

New highs and lows...

The president's approval rating sits at 33% today, which is not much of the country. More interesting than that, though, is the fact that more people think we should teach creationism in our schools than approve of the president.

Now this tells us many things, but I think these are most compelling:
A) More people believe in batshit crazy stories about fairies and wizards than believe in the president, and...
2) Even the batshit crazy people who voted for him don't like him anymore

Now, a petty person mght say something like "See people, I told you he was fucking terrible, and you had two chances to elect someone else, but you wanted him, and now see what you got."

But I'm not a petty person, so I'll just leave it unsaid.

1 comment:

DJS said...

Ummm... they did elect someone else in 2000.