Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's Cool on The Internets These Days? A Round-Up

No time for a full post this morning, but I do have some pretty sweet links I came across if you are trying to waste some time and/or educate yourself (but really, waste time):

First, over at Salon, Glenn Greenwald gives a great breakdown of how Thomas Friedman and the other flunkies at the New York Times are explicitly advocating terrorism.

If you are also on your third cup of coffee this morning (I really, really need to cut back), then you may be soon seeing the dead (in hallucinations; you're not going to die least, as far as I know).

Finally, are you racist? Sexist? Judge people based on their religion? No? Maybe you just don't admit it. Find out here at Harvard's handy tool for diagnosing subconscious prejudice.

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