Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who's opinion matters most to you?

Ever since reading the Wrong Side of the Tracks book, I've been in a very contemplative mood, especially in terms of the people who have helped me rise above my station in life. After a short but thoroughly entertaining discussion with old pal, bandmate, and co-conspirator Widda T, I was reminded of how nice it is to have someone in your life who shares you exact sense of humor. Well, I once sent him an e-mail explaining how much his opinion meant to me, and while cleaning out the ol' sent-mail folder, I found it and figured I should share it with the world. While he maybe hasn't helped me achieve anything useful, it's typically the people you can get crazy with and simultaneously just sit and enjoy great conversation that help you the most in getting through life. Anyway, here's what I once wrote about how much I respect his opinion in all matters of hilarity (in the context of having him review a play I wrote):

Dearest Timothy,
Here's the updated version of the play. This is pretty much the final version (except for minor cosmetic changes as I see fit) unless you have any substantiative feedback. And I seriously would like any feedback you have, because there's only one person whose opinion on comedy I hold in higher esteem, and that is Humorous McTellsjokes the 4th, King of Funnytown. Now, that is one comedy-spewing monarch. Even though he's essentially powerless, due to the fact that Funnytown is a constitutional monarchy. His position is really cosmetic, as the kings and queens of Funnytown haven't held any real power since the fall of the McWe'rereallyfunnyandsuch clan, circa 1765. The humorless peasantry of Funnytown stormed the Hilaricastle and demanded that King Ivan Illeuch "The Hammer" McWe'rereallyfunnyandsuch the XVIIIth abdicate his throne in favor of decisions based on sound public policy, rather than those which were best when viewed with a humorous "broioioioioing!" noise added in. Still, though, most of Funnytown regards King McTellsjokes with high esteem, though there are some rumblings in the country side that he does nothing but provide fodder for the tabloids, but these people are an isolated sentiment. Anyway, that's why you're opinion is second.

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