Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fuck the Chicago Bears!

Oh the shame--for all these years I thought the Super Bowl Shuffle was the sports-championship-themed-poorly-recorded novelty rap.

How wrong I was.

With big ups to Stinky, the man who keeps my up to my ears in obscure baseball knowledge, I'm now aware of Senor Smoke's championship rap, the Berenguer Boogie

This masterpiece of a song puts the SBS to such shame in so many ways that I cannot even list them all. Suffice to say the following:

1) The entire 1984 Chicago Bears team could not muster any attractive women, while Pancho Villa alone can produce dozens at the snap of a finger
2) Juan's fantastic dancing, especially his attempt to match his incredibly awkward pitching motion to the terrible sound effect
3) The inexplicable trench coat

and most importantly...

4) Recorded at Paisley Park.

Nothing else need be said.

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