Thursday, February 01, 2007

Molly Ivins, R.I.P.

The reports of Molly Ivin's death are sadly not greatly exaggerated.

With the usual caveat that I don't really agree with her on everything she says (she always had way too much faith in the Democratic party), it was always fun to open the newspaper once a week to see what she had to say. Growing up in a very conservative small town, it was difficult to wade through all of the Robert Novak and Pat Buchanan op-ed pieces (yes, the Fort Dodge Messenger, in addition to poor spelling and grammar, regularly ran articles penned by the Great White Hope) and still have faith in humanity, but Molly always had something interesting and fun to say. On top of that, she proved that not everyone from Texas was...well, the kind of person you'd expect to be from Texas.

She died of cancer this morning at only 62 and will be sorely missed.

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