Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rock and Roll alter egos

I was struck by an idea in a blog of a prof of mine that all musicians should have a cartoon alter-ego, so that they are free to experiment without the weight of past successes hovering over them (ala the all-star members of the Gorillaz). Of course, he was saying this in respect to legends of music such as Bruce Springstein and Neil Young, not former members of the CF Soundstation/Unity Crew or Broken Arms, but I feel it's just as important for us no-names. Maybe even more important. Most everyone has fun performing all sorts of styles of music, but most everyone will also note that to make it in today's music industry, you have to concentrate most (if not all) of your attention and publicity-seeking stunts on one musical personae. Having your cartoonish alter-ego to make great music that you may or may not want associated with your name is a great outlet for all of the creativity that just doesn't fly in today's restrictive, genre-dominated music scene. So in short, I encourage everyone to be a cartoon character in a semi-fictituos band, for a multitude of reasons, much as I have been fortunate enough to be a bassist/vocalist/drummer/guitarist for The Consumption of Neat Colors, illustrated above so well by my boy Widda-T.

I'm the one playing the bass...you know, just incase you don't recognize me solely by my well-defined pectoral muscles.

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