Thursday, October 13, 2005

Exploding alligators and low approval ratings: coincidence?

Florida: many things to many people. The sunshine state. America's wang. Home of overranked football teams.

But mostly it's a place where we, the rest of the nation, dump our unwanted things.

Like the elderly.

Or Burmeese pythons.

It seems that the Burmeese python population is exploding in the everglades, leading to humorous photos like these of half-digested alligators bursting out of the stomachs of pythons. It turns out that the Burmeese python was a favorite family pet a few years back, but the unwanted ones are now being dumped in the everglades and are causing huge problems, as they have no natural predators there, but thrive in the warm, moist conditions.

Much the same can be said for the elderly. They've long out-lived their cute-ness, so we dump them into a nice warm, moist climate where they can thrive amongst themselves and have no natural predators.

But there are un-intended consequences, such as voting Republican, that we didn't forsee, and we're now paying for dearly.

However, unlike nature, this problem seems to be self-correcting, as Bush's approval rating has dipped below 40%, with only 24% of Americans believing our nation is headed in the right direction.

Now if only we could take care of that snake problem.

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