Friday, November 19, 2010

Why We Stay

Outsiders often have a hard time understanding the Twin Cities appeal -- it gets really cold here and there has to be nothing to do because it's the Midwest and as such not constantly commented about on tv, right?

I see this a lot as a grad student, when every year we get a fresh batch of folks from all over who seem to question why they bothered to come all of this way and who dread not being in New York or California or wherever the fuck they're from that they can't shut the hell up about.

But nearly all of them become at least partial converts to the charms of the TC and even if they don't end up staying here, at least they recognize how awesome this place really is.

And if you yourself need to brush on understanding why you're here (or learning about why you're stupid for not being here), the City Pages has handily assembled 50 reason why living here rocks. From noted local celebs to the fact that the stodgy St. Paul/fun Mpls split makes us "like an awesome giant mullet," I think this pretty much captues the gist of why the Twin Cities is great...

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