Friday, November 12, 2010

"I've Tried to Follow Everything in The Bible, Even The Parts That Contradict The Other Parts!"

Some smart ass atheist organization has put together this handy chart of every passage of the Bible that directly contradicts another passage.

It ranges on everything from the pretty inconsequential (what color were Jesus' robes?) to things that might make a bit more impact on all the talk of Biblical literalism that is plaguing our nation (e.g. "Does God love everyone?" and "Do Christians need to follow the laws of the old testament?").

Figuring out what the Bible actually says on important matters is actually really important, given how many Americans inexplicably think everything in the Bible is literal truth (criticize what you will about the Catholic church -- and there's plenty to criticize -- but at least we realize you're not supposed to take the thing literally).

And it's not just crazy people living in shacks writing anti-government manifestos who have this belief, but elected officials. Elected officials such as John Shimkus, who is seeking the chairmanship of the Congressional Energy Commission, who actually said that global climate change is not something to worry about because God promised He would never destroy the Earth again after the great flood. And no, that is sadly not an Onion headline, but an actual argument made by a man who may soon chair one of the most powerful committees in Congress.

Maybe Mr. Shimkus needs to take a good look at the chart below, and in the words of whomever posted this chart to the website I'm stealing it from: “So to anyone who thinks the Bible’s the last word on anything, remember this: It isn’t even the last word on itself. “

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