Monday, November 15, 2010

He Just Keeps Getting More Hilarious

Fresh off announcing that he's the Taylor Swift of presidents, the hilarity of Bush II just continues to give and give, much like the president himself refused to do (to anyone but major energy and defense companies).

In what can only be called one of the most apt metaphors for his entire presidency, it turns out Bush likely plagiarized multiple portions of his own biography.

Of the many sources he plagiarized, the funniest is that he apparently borrowed extensively from Bob Woodward's 2002 book that the White House widely denounced as being inaccurate. I've yet to hear comment from the Bush White House about this book, but I can only assume Ari Fleischer will soon be denouncing this book from sometime in 2004...

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Elder Woz said...

Give it a few days. One of the right wing commentators will make up the fact that Obama plagiarized large portions of one or both of his books. This will not be true, but it will make Bush seem like less of the "worst president ever".