Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Case You Live On Mars... a cave, with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears, there's this really sweet new Girl Talk mixtape making the rounds of the interwebs.

Called "Illegal Art" because it's full of, well, illegal samples, it will thoroughly rock your ass off of your face. And if you've been waiting for that Fugazi/Beyonce/Beatie Boys mashup you've heard in your head all your life, then you're in luck. That not your cup of tea? How about the Simon and Garfunkel/Li'l Jon crossover?

Or really, if you like recorded music at all, you'll probably find something you like in there. Don't trust me? Well GT handily supplies a list of every song and artist sampled (in easy-to-use alphabetical order!)

Go download it before the inevitable mass lawsuit takes it down and makes it slightly more inconvenient to find a copy...

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