Monday, November 22, 2010

Pope Officially Says Condoms "Kinda OK"

In a huge reversal of previous doctrine, Pope Benedict the XVI (P Benz, to his friends) has officially announced that condoms are kinda ok, sometimes, in some very limited circumstances.

While he didn't go anywhere near saying it's ok to wear condoms in AIDS ravaged parts of the world or, say, as a realistic way to cut down on the number of abortions in the world (less unwanted pregnancies = less abortions, one might argue), but it's still a pretty big announcement. Previously the only way to prevent a pregnancy or STI in the eyes of the Catholic church was to either never have sex or pray about it and hope God smiles upon your request, so it's pretty big to have the Church officially acknowledge that just maybe the use of condoms might not only not cause the end of the world but may actually help some people out.

Coming on the heels of saying the Beatles ain't so bad, it looks like the Church is starting to catch up to the 1960s, which is something, I guess...

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