Monday, March 01, 2010

Funny, You Wouldn't Think a Federal Criminal Would Be a Liar

Remember conservative activist James O'Keefe? The one who keeps violating federal law like it's going out of style? And remember how I mentioned in a previous post that a good number of people have been looking at his infamous ACORN pimp videos and noticed how heavily edited they are?

Well, it turns out these folks are finding out quite a few things. For instance, he was not wearing the ridiculous outfit when he went into ACRON offices. And not only was he not dressed like a (rich white's kid's poorly conceived version of a) pimp, he also introduced himself as a young law student, not a pimp. In fact, it's become pretty clear that few, if any, of the ACORN employees identified as wrongdoers even knew he was attempting to pose as a pimp when they were helping him.

Of course, this doesn't mean the New York Times will admit they were wrong to trumpet this story as fact, even though it's been clear from the get-go that these videos were pretty shady. But then, that's pretty standard conservative operating procedure -- put an outlandish lie out there, knowing it will be accepted as fact until it's proved a complete lie, which won't matter, because the retraction will either never come or be buried so far back in the paper no one will know there was ever a retraction. Then, simply bide your time trying not to get arrested for attempting to bug the office of United States Senator...

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