Friday, March 12, 2010

Sounds Like Sconnies All Right

Via my new favorite time wasting blog Strange Maps:

The concentration of bars vs. grocery stores. You might notice that Wisconsin is the only state in which nearly every region has more bars than grocery stores. If you've ever been there or seen the types of people coming from there, this map makes a lot sense...


kelly said...


(...that's all)

keesa said...

And exactly what kind of people come from there??

Iowamom said...

For a blogger who often posts objections to pundits who identify people under a broad blanket, you've certainly cast yourself in the same light...and besides, perhaps the "Sconnies" are just more self-sustaining/thirstier!

revdj said...

Some states sell liquor in grocery stores, and some don't. Would that affect this ratio?

revdj said...

I wrote this poem in the Year of Our Lord, 2008.

Dinner Last Night

I ordered dinner at a restaurant

I am in Wisconsin

They started with a delicious 3/4 pound beef patty

I am in Wisconsin

The cheese did not go on top - not yet

I am in Wisconsin

On top was a 1/4 pound bratwust patty

I am in Wisconsin

I did not know they could MAKE bratwurst in patty form, but they can here.

I am in Wisconsin

The cheese went on top of that. It was the kind of cheddar that, in Iowa, would be sliced small and savored

I am in Wisconsin

I didn’t know if it was pickles or cucumbers that were on, next. They were thick sliced and looked like
cucumbers, but nobody would put cucumbers on this sandwich. It was moot anyway. I did not try them.

I am in Wisconsin

There was no bun - instead they put it on baked salty pretzel dough

I am in Wisconsin

They had a lot of kinds of beer on tap.