Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Good Morning Read

Remember the right wing hack who broke into a U.S. Senator's office to illegally bug her phone in Watergate level proportions of idiocy (seriously, what is with conservatives and wiretaps?)? Well, Talking Points Memo has gotten ahold of the affidavit filed by the FBI field agent who arrested the four ne'er-do-wells after their shenanigans.

Granted, they have yet to face a trial of any kind so it is possible they may not be guilty (unless they were Gitmo detainees, in which case guilt would have nothing to do with it). So it is possible they may be able to come up with some really crazy reason as to why this treason-level federal crime was understandable. But if you take the three minutes to read that affidavit, you'll see they're going to have a pretty damn hard time coming up with such an argument...

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