Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Obligatory Brett Favre post

As someone who was a legitimate Don "Magic Man" Majkowski fan (seriously, I even had his Starting Lineup, remember Starting Lineup?), I've always had more ambivalent feelings about Favre than most. Of course, being a Vikings fan probably didn't help my opinion of him that much. But it goes deeper; Majkowski was a much more fitting QB for the Pack. He wasn't afraid to rock a mullet, even after they had largely passed out of style. He had a Polish name, not some crazy-ass French name with the R in the wrong place. And he wore number 7, a real quarterback number. But alas, I guess he'll always be the Drew Bledsoe of Wisconsin to Brett Favre's annoyingly charming Tom Brady.

And I think the matephor is apt. Sure, you can blow all this smoke about how Favre played like a kid and was such a competitior, but those things really come off more like being a dick when you're a fan of the opposing team. And come on, only clean-cut, popular white players get away with being drug addicts and yet somehow still get to be rolemodels.

Don't get me wrong, he was good and could be fun to watch. But I'm not about to sit here in Minnesota and say that number 4 was good. Besides, what no one's really talking about in all of this is how the Vikings should pretty much be favored to win the division next year. That's a lot more interesting than some interception-prone pill-popper, if you ask me.

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Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk! Is your rant against Brett Favre coming from the knowledge that the only Viking q'back people other than Viking fans may remember is Fran Tarkenton? As in, Fran WHO?
--Iowa Packer fan