Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The other blog gets some love

(Thanks for the heads up from Jon)

The Contexts Discoveries blog got some big ups today from Org Theory, a pretty interesting and well-written sociology blog.

Since I've been meaning to pimp it here myself for some time, this seems like the perfect opportunity to finally make that pitch to all of you, my faithful readers. As way of introduction, Contexts is a magzine published by the American Sociological Association. The idea is that it will be the public mouthpiece for sociology, kind of like Popular Mechanics, but fewer articles on self-driving cars.

The Discoveries blog is intended to present interesting and relevant current sociolgical research in an easy-to-understand synopsis for the lay reader. In short, it's a cool place to check out social research without having to read the dense and intentionally obtuse journal articles scholars produce.

And your humble li'l blogger happens to be on the graduate student editorial board of Contexts and is a regular contributor to the blog, as if you needed any more reason to check it out.

So go read it, bookmark it, get its rss feed, and become the most sociologically informed person on your block!

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Jon said...

...kind of like Popular Mechanics, but fewer articles on self-driving cars.

That is so much better as a slogan than "Understanding People in their Social Worlds." Seriously, we must discuss this at our next meeting.