Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Put the muthafuckin' Fresca down...

Once I had a fellow small-towner, in all seriousness, asked "What's there to do in Minneapolis that you can't do in Davenport, IA? I mean, you hang out, you go out to bars, what else is there?"

The answer is, of course, a whole hell of a lot. But I couldn't really put it into the proper words. Until now, of course.

Sunday night, I caught my first ever Doomtree show, in support of P.O.S.'s latest album (incidentally, great interview with him on this week's Onion A.V. Club). For those not in the know, Doomtree is the little brother rap collective to the quite-reputable RhymeSayers Entertainment, which boasts the nationally-known act Atmosphere (local boys), as well as heavy hitters MF Doom and Brother Ali.

It was a fucking great show, with an awesome home-coming vibe, seeing as how the crew just finished a two-month tour of our fair nation. But there's always somehitng a bit more special about seeing a show with all these people who live a couple of blocks away from you, hang out at the same places you hang out, and rap about people and places you know. A kind of connection to the music beyond the fact that it's just good music.

Just for the record, you will never know that feeling living in Iowa.

So I guess that's the difference.

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