Monday, March 20, 2006

Nothing's sweeter than the 16 which bears that particular moniker

Although I know that college athletics deprive the arts and sciences from much-needed funding (according to a reputable source) it's still hard not to go crazy when your small-time, no-name, middle-of-nowhere school makes it to the big dance.

So it follows that when some jerk at CBS says your little ol' conference doesn't deserve to have four teams in, you get upset. More upset than you would be to be seen in public with the league-leading shittiest moustache.

Well, turns out the teams get upset as well. The Missouri Valley Conference (motto: the little conference that could) has now advanced two teams to the Sweet Sixteen, with a good chance of getting at least one of those teams to the Elite Eight.

Still think they don't belong? Ask Kansas, Pitt, Seton Hall and Tennesse (numbers 4, 5, 10, and 2, respectively) how good they think the MVC's first and fifth-ranked teams are.

Score one for the little folks.

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