Monday, March 06, 2006

Kirby is in dire need, and Minnesota is as well

Most people already know by now, but former Twins star Kirby Puckett had a stroke yesterday, followed by immediate surgery. He is now in critical condition in an Arizona hospital.

Anyone who grew up in or near Minnesota knows that Kirby is hands down the most beloved superstar this state has ever, and probably will ever, see. From his cutely pudgy little-guy frame to his scrappy ball play, he embodied everything about Minnesota Twins baseball. Not flashy, not overly talented, not even necissarily in good physical shape, he mustered up all that he had every day to give us good, sound play.

I've been a Kirby fan all my life, even before the Game 6 that was probably the best world-series performance by any single player in the history of the game. I'll also always be quick to point out that he was on second and would have scored if the run when necessary when Danny Gladden scored from third in the bottom of the 10th on Gene Larkin's world-series winning single. I was there for his final game, and there for his jersey retirement, which are both bigger feats when you have to drive 4 hours to see the game.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the little guy right now.

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