Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Jesse predicts the news

So I don't know how much you've heard about this woman on a feeding tube, but here's the breakdown of the story: this lady gets severe brain damage 15 YEARS AGO and has been on a feeding tube ever since. Her husband wants to cut the tubes off and let her go, her parents (apprently thinking she'll finally snap out of it) want the tubes left in. Congress, because of course they have nothing better to do, passes a bill that lets her parents take it to the state Supreme Court, which Bush signs as fast as you can say "christian evangelical consituency." Anywho, today the court said it was the husband's right to cut the tubes, and thusly they were cut off.


George W. Bush will come out and sadly announce the verdict and empathetically tell the nation that he wishes those "activist judges" would hold higher regard for the sanctity of life.


First of all, does anyone else notice the striking irony of this happeneing the same week as 2-year anniversary of the Iraq war? Remember how the war started with the "shock-and-awe" campaign? The shock-and-awe idea was to kill as many people as physically possible in the first few days of the war so that those who think of resisting are too scared.

Ahh, the sactity of life.

Also, do Cnogress and the President have nothing fucking better to do with their time?!?!? I heard there's a war going on, a social security "crisis"/sham, a huge national debt, continued problems with aviation security, underfuned schools in godforsken ghettos, poor people starving to death everyday, and on and on. I hate to be that guy who brings down the party with bad news, but seriously people-she's been in a fucking coma for 15 fucking years and Congress feels this is the most pressing issue in the nation?!? Gaaa! I can't even thinking of a wittily-ironic enough comment to convey the stupidity of all of this!

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i like these comments as well. http://www.mnftiu.cc/mnftiu.cc/war45.html