Friday, March 04, 2005

I am so worthless...

So I'm on my very first graduate department visit here at the University of Minnesota and I've just finished my first day. So here's why I feel like a loser. We go around the room, and everyone introduces themselves "I'm Bobby and I want to study poor people, because I think they'll make good fossil fuels." You know, that kind of thing. Anyway, so everyone's talking about their experience, and so-and-so has gone to the Humphrey Law institute, so-and-so2 has gotten their master's degree at Michigan, so-and-so3 ran the county juvenile detention center for five years. Then there's me. "Hi, my name's Jesse""And what have you been doing with your time, Jesse?""Ummm...I sleep in alot. Oh, amd my band is working on our second album. I think the recording quality is going to be alot better, which is really good, because our sound has really matured". Ackward Silence."Ok...moving on"

For you see my friends, I have done nothing with my life since finishing college, other than make music and write pointless plays. And this school is only ranked 21 in the nation. Next week I visit the two schools tied for no. 1 in the nation. And according to the roster of e-mails on the mass e-mail sent out about their visit weekend, the majority of these people went to Ivy League schools. I went to a school that is the proud produced of a one-time Super Bowl MVP (current bench warmer) and Michael Jordan's interior decorator.

Oy vey.

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Howzi said...

This reminds me of when law school... we have a guy who climbed Mount Fucking Everest, people who went to Harvard, have masters degrees from Georgetown, were state senators, made patents for diapers, revolutionized some sort of ATM thing, are medical doctors, etc... and what have I done with my life?

Uh... this one time, I saw this really tiny dog... it was awesome man... you really should have been there. Oh, and I also write pointless plays. They tend to use the word "fuck" a lot.

But yet here we are... accepted to/going to the same school as these overachievers. Doesn't that mean we're special too? Actually, my theory has always been that I'm actually retarded and that it's all a big Truman Show-esque joke that everyone else is in on... ie "let's let a retarded guy into law school!! Wouldn't that be funny!"