Monday, March 07, 2005

How to be funny, part I--stand up

So during one of my many long flights this past weekend, I came up with the formula for comedy. It hit me as I heard some people discussing Chris Rock, the white man's Dave Chapelle. It's a rather simple formula (which Mr. Rock uses quite often), and it goes like this:

Funny McJoketell: You see, the thing about (white/rich) people is that they (do some sort of common action) but us (black/chican@/asian/redneck) folk (do a rediculously stereo-typed version of that same action).
Audience: All laugh uproariously, for they drunk.


You see, the thing about white people is that they drive everywhere, but us black folk don't drive because we're too busy getting new rims put on our car.

You see, the thing about rich people is that they love their children, but us redneck folk love having children so we can get more food stamps.


The next time you're watching a comedian, count how many times they employ my comparative method of humor.

Oh, and just for the record, you have to be of the people in the second category (black/chican@/asian/redneck, etc.) or you are being racist. In fact, the only thing you can be out of category one is white, but then you have to be of the redneck category. Every once in awhile it can work if a member of your immediate family (wife, adoptive parents, etc.) are of another race, but this is very difficult and should be left only to the professionals. This is also why we never see rich comedians. And those who are rich, pretend they aren't.

Try it yourself and amuse friends and family members!

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Timblob J. said...

Well, you know, white peole ARE different from black people. Fucking acknowledge it, fuckers! Fuck!

Incidentally, I fail to see how Chris Rock is the white man's Chapelle. In some ways that statement is accurate, but Mr. Rock has been known to say some pretty inflammatory things. And let's not forget that both Rock and Chapelle have starred in white-friendly comedy flicks, putting them virtually on the same plane.

Honestly, if I hear one more frat-boy quote 'Half Baked' or hear one more office cat-calendar lady say "I'm Rick James, bitch" without a hint of irony, I'm gonna go on a white-friendly-black-comedian killing spree. Not because I'm angry... I just love the thrill of ending human life.