Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Why Can't The American Left Ever Get Anything Done?

It's a question I've argued with many people in my short time on this earth. And while there's obviously a large confluence of factors (many of which the Left can only blame on itself), one that's often ignored is the bloody, violent, and oft-illegal repression of all things left of center. This repression runs the gamut from outright murder and trumped up legal charges, to McCarthy's insane crusade and anti-communist loyalty oaths being required of union members, to simply wiping the works and triumphs of the left out of our collective history (and in the case of public school history books, literally doing so).

One of the more on-the-nose examples of this is Labor Day. While every other nation in the world is celebrating labor day today, we celebrate it in September, because we don't want any association with the leftist recognition of what ironically took place in America. For the real labor day is actually a commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre, an important turning point in the fight for the eight-hour day.

But not only have we in the States moved our observation of labor day lest anyone accidentally learn anything about history, I only learned today that our insane government actually took it one step further. On July 18,  1958, May 1st became officially known as Loyalty Day in the US, a day when we are all to stop and reflect on how loyal we are to the United States government (way ahead of you -- the answer is not much).

So not only do we ignore the important history and symbolism of actual labor day, we've instituted our own "cover your eyes and put your fingers in your ears" day to take its place. And while this doesn't absolve the American left of its many faults, it at least gives a pretty good summation of the context we find ourselves working in.

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Andrea said...

Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and have been following it for a long time now. You are a very good writer. I'm even a bit jealous of how good. :)