Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rob Ryan's Magical Mystery Bus

Direct from the Dallas Cowboys official website, let Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan show you his shitty van (seriously, it's well worth your minute and 12 seconds).

I have no idea why the Cowboys thought a tour of Rob Ryan's 1999 econoline, but I'm ever so glad they did. Among the many details you learn in the completely unironic love letter to an old van, is that the van has several DVD player/television sets (all of which don't work), it handles well, and it's probably got a lot of stains inside.

Whenever I stumble on something like this, it reminds me this is exactly why the internet exists. Think, not that long ago in the world, I would have no way to know what kind of vehicle Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan drives, and is that the kind of world you want to live in?

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