Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I've Always Thought Of Beer Drinking As A Religious Experience, Too

Regular readers will remember last year this time when I wrote about the story of J. Wilson, the man who went on a beer-only fast for Lent, a fast which he broke in the most bad-ass way possible by having a bacon shake.

And while it sounds like a frat boy's dream or a funny prank, it's actually well inline with the practices of monks of old, who would brew and drink an especially heavy beer often referred to as "liquid bread." This liquid bread would be all they subsisted on for the entirety of lent, an especially intense understanding of what it means to fast. Also something that's relatively hard to get away with in today's world.

But Wilson not only got his employer to agree to allow him to drink at work, he completed the entire fast. But again, it wasn't simply the act of drinking beer for 45 days, but instead a time to reflect and all of that other boring religious stuff. Now a year later Wilson isn't doing another beer fast, but has come up with some pretty interesting insights from the experience.

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