Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break! Whoo!

Of the many things that suck about growing up, one of the biggest is losing spring break. Sure, as a grad student I still technically get spring break, as there are no students around so I don't have to teach this week. But I'm well past the point where spring break is anything more meaningful than giving me the 3 hours I would have otherwise spent teaching.

And it's not like I get to use those hours doing tequila shots in Cabo San Lucas, or whatever it is those damn kids do these days with their spring breaks. No, once you get past a certain point in academia, spring break mostly just means a week where campus is a lot more empty than usual. Otherwise, nothing changes about my week.

Granted, I know the entire rest of the world gets no spring break, so it sounds stupid of me to complain. But what gets me is that people still think I get a spring break, so while I'm stuck in my basement pounding out dissertation pages like I am any other week, everyone I know outside of academia assumes  I'm sitting on a sunny beach sipping pina colodas or some such thing. Not that I don't want to be, mind you.

So all of this is just to complain about the fact that I'm busy as ever, but for this week, the rest of the world thinks I'm on an awesome vacation. Nuts to that.

But since I'm well aware of the fact no one gives a shit about my petty problems, here's a picture of A-Rod taking his official publicity photo in the men's room:

This so excellently sums up all my feelings about the Yankees

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