Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post-Valentine's Blues Got You Down?

Maybe you had the world's best Valentine's day yesterday, filled with love, confectioners sugar, and incorrectly-shaped heart themed gifts. Or maybe you had a terrible Valentine's day, full of self-loathing and depression, sitting in front of the t.v. alone as your tears dripped into the tub of ice cream you were eating with a fork because you were too depressed to wash the dishes.

If you experienced the former, congrats. But if you were one of the many who found yourself experiencing the latter, simply call 719-26-OATES and let Daryl Hall and John Oates soothe your weary soul. It's apparently some sort of viral advertising scheme for some sort of business I haven't bothered to figure out what it does, but the bigger point is that some sweet aural lovin' is just 10 short digits away.

And really, aren't you comforted knowing there's a Hall & Oates hotline at the ready?

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