Friday, April 29, 2011

How Do You End A Beer Fast?

With a bacon smoothie, apparently.

Several weeks back I blogged about J. Wilson, an Iowa man who gave up food for Lent, subsisting only on beer.

At first it was only 4 beers a day during the week and then 5 a day on the weekends, but it had to be upped to 5 a day every day to keep up his energy. Not only is that somewhat funny, it's also probably the only time you'll hear someone say they need some more beer to keep up their energy.

In any event, thankfully someone was there to cover him breaking the fast, which he did with a bacon smoothie (smoothies apparently being the best way to ease back into solid food).

Which I think makes the ordeal even more awesome. You subsist only on beer for 6 and a half weeks, and bacon truly is the only thing you could use to make that better...

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