Monday, April 04, 2011

There Goes Your Afternoon

If you came of age during a certain time, say for instance, the exact period of time I came of age, you probably remember the shitty little hand held electronic games that were nearly ubiquitous. As a kid who was generally denied video games by his parents (and now look at me; parents of today, let this be a lesson to you), these were a God send. Sure, they were crummy, repetitive, and usually very difficult to discern how gameplay was even supposed to take place, but dammit, they were a video game I could have.

Well, in the internet's ever increasing attempts to destroy the last vestiges of my productivity, a Polish firm Hipopotam has digitized and put most of them online. They've not only managed to keep the frustratingly clunky game play, but even the plastic thunk of the controllers.

This may or may not be what I end up doing with the rest of my day...

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Iowamom said...

What were your cruel parents thinking of?