Monday, March 02, 2009

The Schadenfreude of Weird Auctions

If there's one thing any good, red-blooded American can get behind, it's the rich and powerful being humbled to the point where they must sell off their offensively ostentatious possessions to us normals. For instance, last year Lou Perlman, the creepy weirdo behind the Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and pretty much everything else that sucked about the 90s, was nailed for millions in tax evasion. As a result he auctioned off nearly everything he owned on e-bay. For a good period I was the high bid in an auction for one of the Backstreet Boys European Grammys, but I dropped out when the bidding got a little beyond my price range (there's only so much I'll shill out for irony's sake, but still, what a conversation piece it would have been to have that sitting on my coffee table...)

But now there's an even better auction going on, as the prince of pop himself has finally been forced to sell off the increasingly disturbing ways in which he pissed away his fortune. My favorite item thus far? Michael Keaton's Batman suit from the first 80s batman movie, appropriately enough displayed on a life-size replica of MJ himself. Now imagine having that in your house:

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keesa said...

So what is your bid at for batman? (Don't tell Ben, he'll outbid you).