Thursday, March 26, 2009

Never-Fitting In...

During college I decided I would never fit-in anywhere, because I was too radical to fit in with conventional people, but I had too good of a relationship with my parents to fit in with the radical kids. I often joke that my parents are the reason I never became a famous musician, because they raised me in a stupid loving home and always took time out for me. It's not exactly the kind of childhood you can write heroin-inspired garage-rock songs about.

And much to their credit, my parents still wholly accept and understand, though not always agree with, their little socialist agitator. But even more impressively, they accept and even understand their little pop-culture junkie who is amused by any and every form of mass-produced detritus. Thus, the above Edible Easter Grass, which is not only Imported From Germany but is described enthusiastically as "Grass-Tastic!"

Oh, and in case you're curious, it not only "FILLS A BASKET" full of green-apple (an Easter tradition for centuries...?) flavored edible grass, it's also "GREAT FOR CRAFTS TOO!"

While it's Grass-Tastic! taste is something like actual grass dipped in cheap imitation-apple powder and it's texture can best be described as "sandpapery," there's a mere 100 calories per bag, so you can feel free to fill and eat a whole basket of it without feeling guilty.

This could well become a holiday tradition...

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