Thursday, March 19, 2009

Loving the Losers

I could lay claim to rooting for two teams in this year's tourney: my plucky Panthers from the University of Northern Iowa and the Tubby-loving Gophers. Both predictably lost, though the Panthers at least made a game of it, unlike a certain local team.So, as it usually goes with any team I root for, I've now got no one left in the tournament.

I'll still watch most of the remaining games, as March basketball is always pretty entertaining. But it's exponentially more so when you have someone to root for. Even the team I only have the most tangential of connections to (American University, the lady friend's alma matter) bowed out despite looking like they might pull off a massive upset.

However, I have at least found one tournament in which everyone has someone to root for, the 2009 Douchebag Tournament. Who's the bigger douche -- A-Roid or Bill Belichik? Ryan Seacrest or Chris Brown? Go vote and make your voice heard...

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keesa said...

You mentioned me in a post - I'm so flattered! Love you.