Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today, while wasting time on facebook rather than working on much more pressing matters, I was invited to join a group planning the apparently-upcoming 10 year reunion of my high school graduating class.

Other than making me feel old, it really just confused me. What is the purpose of these things anyway? Especially in today's technologically-advanced world of the future we live in, can't people just get in touch with those they'd like to be in touch with? Do we really still need to bring people from thousands of miles all over the country to awkwardly sit in a cafeteria and force small talk with people they vaguely recognize?

Maybe it's just me; I have no intention of ever going to high school reunion, but mostly because there's only about 2 people from high school I'm in contact with at all in this stage in life. But I think it's bigger than that -- what is it that compels people to put so much stock in a meaningless social and geographical marker? Why do I supposedly have something in common with people I happen to go to school with a decade ago? More to the point, what could I possibly share with these people that would make me want to waste a weekend hanging out with them? If you miss the people you went to high school with, why don't you just go visit them?

Perhaps I'm just too cynical, but I just can't bring myself to understand why people would want to re-live their teenage years...unless, of course, said teenage years were the peak of these people's lives, as I well suspect they may be. But in that case I would really recommend counseling, not a reunion.

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keesa said...

Thats OK. You can go to mine with me. Its this August :)