Friday, May 04, 2007

The most impressive award I've ever won...for anything...ever

So a couple of weekends ago, the department had its annual Sociology Research Institute. SRI is a great time where folks in the department present their ongoing research, undergrads get a chance to present, grad students get a chance to be discussants, and all other sorts of wonderful things, but mostly it's a time when at the end of the day we get to get drunk on the department's dime.

But while we're getting our free booze, there's always a little ceremony of departmental awards. Well, I'm pretty drunk by this point because, well, free booze, and the band is just about to go on so I need that rock n' roll edge only whiskey can give. So I'm mildly paying attention as the chair goes on and on about some grad student who helped out with something or another, but really I'm only paying attention because I'm an attention whore so I want to make sure that I hear my name if called, because there's no drug I need more in life than the attention of others.

But lo, to my suprise, my name actually was called. It took me a minute to piece it all together, but it turns out if you remember the crazy recruiting party in the snow that I threw, that was the reason I was getting the award.

Now I would love to think that I actually got the award because of service to the department or some such thing because of all the things I do to help out around here, but in all reality, it's a gag award for allowing people to get drunk in my apartment.

But hey, I'll take it, because this li'l piece of recognition, be it a joke or not, is still by far the most impressive award I've ever won for anything:

Pictured: "Award-winning" party-host Jesse Wozniak and unidentified, well-coifed gentleman

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Lester said...

Hey Jesse, I couldn't find an email for you so I'm leaving this here. Please get ahold of me by email, I've got something you might want (but it's too private to leave in a comment). lnelson AT