Friday, April 27, 2007

My religion is really boring, graphics-wise

This is the officially government-sanctioned symbol of christianity for soldiers and other government officials interned in official government cemetaries.

Recently there's been a bit of a hub-bub about such things because the Wiccan "pentacle" was just accepted as a legitimate religious symbol by the Department of Veterans Affairs. But I don't see what all the rhubarb is about, because that's one of the more boring symbols accepted, beside the plain oo' cross, that is.

For example, there's this symbol, of the church of Sufism Reoriented, which is apparently an airline-based riligion:

But really, no one can top the atheists. Those tricky, godless bastards have what can only be described as a really bad-ass religious (or lack of religious, as the case may be) symbol:

I'm guessing it's to reflect a belief in the rationality of science as opposed to the "irrationality" of organized religion (as if not beliving in something no one can prove or disprove is anymore logical than believing in something no one can prove or disprove...but that's another post). But a more sinister intepretation is that they're planning to blow up the world. Because as we all know, you just can't trust an atheist.

Incidentally , there are no images for the Christian Scientists and Muslims because of "copyright" reasons. I have no idea how to even joke about that one...

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