Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Shouldn't Have Ignored That Old Gypsy Lady's Curse

So I've been really, really sick this week. Not like sniffles and sleepiness sick, but the kind of sick that has you rolling around in pain on the couch, asking God what horrible sins you could have committed to deserve such a fate.

While today it seems like I'm slightly better and is giving me some optimism that I may eventually not be sick, the past two days have been horrendous. It was difficult to even watch t.v., which in addition to being something that is not difficult to do, is something I have extensive experience with.

As I've written before, it sucks to be sick when you're a grown-up, because there's no one there to take care of you and there's no school to skip as a consolation prize. Instead, in the few brief moments when I'm somehow able to break through the ridiculous haze and entertain rational thoughts, all I can think about is how much work I need to get done and how busy I'm going to be once I finally get healthy (though honestly it feels like I should be writing if I get healthy, not when).

And yes, I understand this is one of those "first world problems" things (though I hate that term and it's implicit racism) and that there are all sorts of people with much bigger problems than a nasty flu bug, etc. But if the internet in general, and the blog format specifically, don't exist so that people can bitch about the minutiae of their life to random strangers, then what do they exist for?

Anyway, normal posting to resume when I can walk up the stairs without getting winded and feeling like I'm going to pass out.

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